2 Hurricanes in less than a month…

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Two Hurricanes in less than a month, with a third hopefully turning out to sea… Through my large social media network I was personally able to witness the havoc and destruction caused by hurricane Harvey, and then the chaos Irma caused shortly after. It was incredible and heartwarming to see so many Facebook friends in the fishing industry (and out) drop everything to aid those in trouble. Trailering boats from all over to help those flooded, filling semi-trucks/vans/cars with supplies to aid those with nothing, creating charities and so much more!

For a guide, a hurricane can truly destroy your business or put it on hold for a large amount of time. During this time I have spoken to many guides who are taking full opportunity of being land locked and shifting their businesses to the next level by allowing Pro Fish Finders to custom build them a website and reservation system tailored to how their business is run. In addition, I have been on the phone with our current guides personally helping them with any changes they have needed with their new circumstances (temporary ramps, new boat limits, pricing changes, etc).

The Pro Fish Finders team understands how awful these storms can be to our industry and we are here to help in any way we are able. We thank everyone for their kindness, checking in, and patience during our own small troubles of power and internet being down for days at a time. We are beyond grateful those silly things are the only thing we had to deal with, while so many others are suffering tremendously.

Please contact me (Marcella) with ANY and ALL questions, concerns, ideas, or help you may need to grow your business. I can be reached at 407-970-5133, Marcella@profishfinders.com, or my personal Facebook page.

Myself and the PFF team truly appreciate your business and look forward to working with all the new guides signing up!

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